The JustJoe journey

My first ABI (acquired brain injury) happened in 1999 and I spent the next 3 years learning how to accept and live with the effects of this injury.  In 2002 I started a new and successful phase in my life which included a new job and living with my injury. Unfortunately, in 2009 I suffered another ABI which turned my life upside down. It took me 5 years to start to get a handle on my new life and living with the consequences of this last injury.  This most recent injury had cost me my career and greatly impacted my life in general. Due to the lingering physical limitations I was forced to retire from my career of 10 years and every aspect of my life required adjustment and acceptance.

So here we are in 2017 and my life couldn't be any better. I still have the ongoing effects of my injuries but that hasn't stopped me. In fact, I now have turned JustJoeImage into a business but the message remains the same. JustJoe Image is still where HOPE meets INSPIRATION.

My new business is called, you guessed it, JustJoeImage Consulting. I do company image training as well has graphic design support. Check out the consulting section for more information.